Success Story


In the Year  2015 the management decided to revamp the theatre in a phase wise manner starting with 1 screen and proceeding with the revenue generated from the revamped screens.


  • Spread awareness about the new facelift of Rohini
  • To bring the family audience to the theater
  • Put Rohini back on the theater business map

Their Story

  • Rohini Complex founded in the 90s is one of the most popular multiplexes in the city. It is also considered to be the main landmark at its locality koyambedu.
  • Once a popular destination for movies the brand continuously started to lose its visibility among the public even though it was present in one of the busiest areas in Chennai because of poor maintenance.
  • Right before the beginning of renovation, the Rohini was far from the picture of cinema business, in spite of its prodigious history.

Rohini Cinemas with Xtracut

The Management approached us with the goals and the monumental task of rebranding the theater’s identity. After a series of discussions and plans, the following solutions have arrived

  • Kickstart the rebranding with a new Logo and Brand Identity
  • Build audience in the social media and spread awareness among the general public about the new facelift.
  • Create a series of campaigns for the coming months for extensive promotions

Platforms Used

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus

The Full Case study

The Numbers