Acuity Scheduling

All you need to do is show up at the right time.

How easy will it be if you can send your availability times at a click of a button? Or how easier will it be for your customer to choose a time and schedule an appointment directly from e-mail? And isn’t it even greater when both your CRM and Appointment booking software is always in sync.

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Zoho CRM and Acuity Scheduling

Zoho CRM is one of leading CRM vendors and Acuity Scheduling, the market leader in Appointment booking software. We have very tightly integrated both these solutions using OAuth 2.0 protocol and this is built on Zoho CRM platform.

We have just solved this complex problem

Since this is built on Zoho CRM platform, you can safely assume, the data stays within these two applications you already trust. We do not send your data outside of Zoho CRM and Acuity Scheduling.

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Product Demo

Product Demo (Over Email)

Agent (over Email): What time shall I come to your office for the meeting?

Customer: Anytime between 9-11 or 3-4.30 Monday to Thursday works for me.

Agent: Alright, I will be at your office on Monday at 3.30 pm.

Reduce mail iterations and send your calendar availability directly to your prospects Email with pre-filled customer information.

Product Demo (Over Phone)

Customer (over phone): Our networks down and the mail is inaccessible. I want to reschedule the call.

Agent: That’s alright, what time shall I reschedule the call?

Customer: Let’s move it to Tuesday, same time.

Agent: Alright. It’s done.

Reschedule or cancel calls on behalf of the customer directly from CRM.